I Am Missing A Few Teeth

When you are missing more than one tooth but still have healthy gums and surrounding teeth, a multiple implant placement procedure may be the best solution.

Individual implants are placed and the crowns are attached, leaving other natural teeth intact. At Hansford Implant Dentistry, it is possible to replace multiple teeth with implants and a temporary fixed bridge within the same appointment.

It’s possible that if you are replacing some of your teeth, the rest of your teeth may be in need of restoration.

“Dr. Hansford was very patient and walked me through the procedure in a very supportive manner. I required 3 implants that are now two years old. The memory of the whole process is fading and the implants are forgotten. That is, I have to remind myself I even have them. They are so comfortable it is like they are my own teeth.”
– Marg S

We reserve appointment times every day to provide same day dental implant solutions.