Implant Dentistry

Y ou should have your missing teeth replaced with implants.

Y ou should have your missing teeth replaced with implants.

You should have your missing teeth
replaced with implants.

Dental Implants are the best long-term solution for missing teeth.

While bridges, crowns and dentures are viable solutions, dental implants are often better. They can last a lifetime and are the only solution for missing teeth shown to prevent bone loss. Implants are easier and more affordable than ever and are great value due to their longevity.

I mplants change people’s lives.  I love giving back to my patients the teeth that they lost.  It is the most satisfying part of my job.

Our doctors offer several tooth replacement options to restore the form and function of your smile. All in one location, both the surgical and the prosthetic part of implant dentistry is done.

Smile Dentistry will both place your dental implants and design and install the finished crowns on them. There is no need to go to multiple different offices and you can choose the comfort of sedation.

Implants look, feel and function like natural teeth.

Comparison of Different Tooth Replacement Technologies

At Smile Dentistry it is possible to replace multiple teeth with implants and a temporary fixed bridge within the same appointment.

  • Once you have one or more implants, you can enjoy the foods you love again and return to a healthy diet. Your implants will look like natural teeth, and you will even brush, floss and care for them like natural teeth.
  • It’s possible that if you are replacing some of your teeth, the rest of your teeth may need some restoration. As the side effects of tooth loss can come on quickly, we recommend seeking treatment as soon as possible to protect your teeth and jawbone.

IV Sedation

Of course we offer IV sedation for your comfort. Our doctors are specially trained and certified to provide both oral and IV sedation. Take the stress out of your implant procedure and wake up with a beautiful smile.

“Dr. Hansford was very patient and walked me through the procedure in a very supportive manner. I required 3 implants. Now I must remind myself I have them. They are so comfortable it’s like they are my own teeth.”

– Marg S.

“It wasn’t hard for Dr. Hansford to convince me to have implant surgery. I have come to trust him implicitly as my dentist. Both he and his assistants were professional, knowledgeable and friendly. Every step of the procedure was fully explained and the actual implant surgery was a breeze, in and out of the chair without feeling a thing!”

We reserve appointment times every day
to provide same day dental implant solutions.

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